What to do to start making money with affiliate marketing

If you have read the article What is Affiliate Marketing, you also understand what Affiliate Marketing is. In essence, Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting products and services for businesses to receive commissions. This article will help you to know what you need to do to start making money with affiliate marketing so you can easily make money with affiliate marketing.

If you already have knowledge about affiliate marketing or online marketing, making money with affiliate marketing is not difficult. It’s okay if you don’t have the initial foundation, as long as you work hard to learn the skills of affiliate marketing and online marketing, you can completely succeed on the road to making money online.

Below, I will guide you through each step of affiliate marketing. To participate in making money with affiliate marketing you need to prepare the following issues.

Identify the products, services, and markets you’re marketing to

Before you start making money with Affiliate Marketing, you need to determine what your goal is to sell products and services. You can choose products such as home appliances, technology products, digital products, tours, etc. And make sure you choose the best products to promote because you should remember that possible you get thousands of clicks on the referral link but the conversion rate will be very low if you choose the wrong target product.

In addition, you also need to choose the right marketing platform to be able to create marketing links for the product you choose. You can choose marketing networks like CJ, Amazon, ClickBank, etc., which are reputable and quality marketing networks.

Building a channel to promote products and services

Once you’ve identified the product to market, you need to have channels to bring the product to market. You can promote marketing products on many different channels such as blogs, websites, Facebook, Google, forums, etc. But to build credibility and maintain long-term income, you should have your own blog. And on the blog, you often post content around product-related issues such as product manuals, product reviews, etc.

Build compelling content and rank well

Building engaging content is not only good for SEO, but it also greatly influences the purchase decision of readers. You need to write content for the blog from tutorials, reviews to product articles so that it is “mindful” so that readers can quickly make a purchasing decision. Not only that, if your blog has quality content, your blog will also become more reputable with readers.

Having engaging content on the blog is important and more importantly, it must reach the users. That’s why you need to push your articles higher on the top of the search. Optimizing for SEO helps your blog to rank high on search engines and this is also a source of natural and completely free traffic for your blog.


Above are the issues I want to give you for reference before participating in affiliate marketing. You need to have the best orientation to avoid mistakes in affiliate marketing because many of you who do not succeed at first are very easily discouraged and give up. Good luck!

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