The meaning of giving gifts to loved ones and instructions on how to give gifts

Gifts are not only a means of conveying feelings but also an art of communication. A gift to whom? What gift to give? What is your attitude when giving gifts? All need to be sincere, skillful and show the sophistication of the giver.

When was the gift-giving culture born?

Don’t know when the history of gift-giving was born? Only one thing is for sure, today, the meaning of giving gifts to each other is very popular in all walks of life and those gifts, no matter how big or small, whether big or small, bring joy to the giver both recipients. On any holiday, we can give our relatives and friends meaningful gifts of love.

It dates back to 1843 when Henry Cole, a wealthy English merchant, asked Horsley, a painter in London, to design a beautiful card to give to friends. Immediately, Christmas cards quickly exploded and became fashionable in the UK. Not long after, it was spread to many countries around the world. Christmas gifts expressing people’s love for family and friends are also fast becoming a trend. For some people, Christmas gifts have a deep religious meaning. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, a gift that God has given to man.

When Jesus was born crying in Bethlehem in a manger, three Eastern kings came to pay their respects. They brought three precious gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold represents Jesus as king, frankincense represents Jesus as God and myrrh represents the image of Jesus being crucified or more specifically, Jesus’ death to save him. spare humanity.

The three kings were very rich, but the poor people with almost no possessions brought whatever they could to pay their respects to the Child Jesus. The shepherds gave Jesus fruit and small toys of their own making. Although not many, such gifts convey the meaning of worship and respect for Jesus.

During Christmas, Santa Claus often rides his reindeer in the sky, goes to the house with the Christmas tree and climbs the chimney to bring gifts to the sleeping children, and often leaves the presents in the Christmas tree. all.

Meaning of gift-giving

Each gift has a different meaning. There are gifts that are purely spiritual. There are gifts that make us happy, there are gifts that warm our hearts… There are gifts that only make us notice for a moment, but there are also gifts we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Today’s gifts are no longer simply a gift of affection, besides, they carry more meaningful nuances and play an increasingly important role. For example: help build strong relationships between business partners, help businesses appreciate and retain loyal customers, help colleagues and employees show respect to each other and to higher levels. …
When giving a gift to someone, the material value of the gift is not as meaningful as the fact that you have thought of the person being given it and want to show enthusiastic interest to that person. A saying that we need to remember is: “Gifts are not as important as giving”.

And once we do that, the person receiving the gift always feels more respected and happier, even we ourselves feel so happy when we have done something to bring a smile to the recipient. gift.

Today’s gift-giving style

Christmas is also an opportunity for young people to have the opportunity to send each other gifts, fresh flower bouquets, and good wishes to relatives and friends. Those gifts are meant to bring people together, for them to be closer, understand each other better, and feel warmer during the cold Christmas season.

In the first gift-giving, you should not be too picky, the important thing is that the gift is warmly received.
Giving gifts to relatives in your family is quite easy because it takes a lot of time to understand psychology and preferences. For friends and colleagues, it is a little more difficult because the opportunity to understand their interests is not much. If you choose a gift that is too simple, less meaningful, not suitable for the situation, it is very likely that the recipient will misunderstand that you do not respect them.

On birthdays, holidays, anniversaries…, before giving a unique gift, you should learn taboo customs. Therefore, before giving, you must find out the identity, preferences, and ethnic customs of the recipient, in order to avoid misunderstandings when giving gifts.


Gifts are sentimental sentiments. Any gift signifies the giver’s own meaning, either a word of thanks, a blessing or filial piety, or love. So don’t miss any chance to give gifts to all your friends!

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