How to avoid getting K.O in fighting

Defensive boxing strategies to keep you from falling or getting knocked down!

Yes, there are indeed strategies to keep you from getting knocked down! And it’s not just the usual advice like holding hands, doing neck exercises or moving your head throughout the day.

We’ll take a look at the most common knockout punches, the angles to look for, and the timing of the most cautious punches.

Follow these simple steps and I promise you not only a chance to level up, but also renewed confidence in knowing how to avoid knockout punches.

WILL be knocked down

I won’t lie. It sucks to be knocked down! You can feel it. I’ve never really been knocked down even still, I’m so scared it will happen to me. To be honest, I think the fear of being knocked down is probably worse than the actual being knocked down.

In fact, the fear of being knocked down will change your style. It will definitely affect you as a boxer, especially if it has happened before. Part of me wonders if that fear will help you or hurt you in the ring. Part of me wonders if that fear might make you more vulnerable.

And for those who HAVE been knocked out… that’s a number of things. Sometimes it’s physical pain, but it can also be psychological pain. Shame and shame. Perhaps the opponent talks a lot of rubbish. Or maybe you get knocked out in front of all your friends and girlfriend/boyfriend… ARGHHH!!! THANKS !!!!

Appropriate level of caution

I believe your opponent’s punches are due diligence. The first step is to respect your opponent and hold yourself defensively accountable. The second step is learning how to see impending knockout punches, how to swim with them, even get comfortable with them. And the last step, is to use them to your advantage!… Fight off your opponent’s knockdown punches so you can take them down!

Steps to overcome the fear of being knocked down:
Respect your opponent

Keep your defense

Buying boxing gloves for heavy bag training is a good method to practice the most accurate punches.

Detect knockout punches

Be comfortable with them

Fight them!

COMMON direct punches (angle and time)

Now I know there are a lot of knockout punches out there but I really just wanted to mention the most popular ones. I will not include any aerial knockout or jab knockout, or any other circus content.

1. RIGHT-CROSS over the jab
This is one of the most basic counterattacks and still causes many knock-outs to this day. It’s super simple and works at all levels of boxing (amateur and pro) and at all points of the fight (early half, mid half, late round).

A boxer throws a javelin. The other threw a large right hand through the stab. BOOM… knockout.

In case you need to clarify: the counter’s right hand is thrown at the same time as the stab (or maybe a little earlier when the stab is barely lasting), not AFTER! Also, the counter puncher’s head is slipping INSIDE the stab while landing on the right side of his big counter. This is not the same as having a jet club slide to the OUTSIDE of the stab and then bounce off the stab.

Access is even more even when the jabber actually steps into his jab.

2 Blind blows

A blind shot to me is simply a hit you don’t see. This is especially common in the early game when you haven’t warmed up and haven’t found your rhythm yet. You get hooked on the right or left hand and you go down. Or it could be a sudden top to bottom cut that you don’t see.

As the saying goes, “the things you don’t see are the things that hurt the most”. It is also useful when the exceptional puncher is fast and strong and the person being punched is timid, completely cold and does not heat up. I’ve also noticed that even boxers who raise their hands can get a “blind hit”. If anything, I feel them raising their hands might make them too comfortable and not cautious enough to watch out for sneaky footage around their guard.

Another way you can go blind is if you get too nervous trying to throw punches without feeling what punch your opponent is throwing.

Tired photo

This is just like a “blind hit” but it also happens in the later rounds after a fighter is so tired that even a half-power punch can take him by surprise and knock him down. I feel like scenes like this are more common on the days when boxers compete 15 rounds or even longer.

However, it still happens. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some tired guy is walking around and relaxing and then a quick right or left hand hooks in and he goes straight to sleep.

MAIN REASON The fighter plane was downed

It almost always leaves boxers not knowing what to look for, constantly putting their head/body in vulnerable positions, becoming reckless or tired. Any one of these or a combination of them are usually the ones that lead to their disqualification.

Some old Tips : 

Don’t follow a puncher.
Don’t throw lazy things.
Don’t trade with an awl.
Don’t hook up with a pickpocket.
Round out of his strong hand.
Roll with punches.
If you can train smart, fight smart, and resist the urge to make risky decisions, you’ll be fine!

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