On hand trimmer Kemei KM-1996: nice design, good operation, long battery

Kemei KM-1996 is finished with a metal shell, silver luster, so it feels quite luxurious. This surface is easy to stick to fingerprints. With a weight of 438 grams, holding it in the hand, it feels a bit heavy at first, but then it feels comfortable in the hand, not very uncomfortable.

The blade of the trimmer is made of stainless steel, the left side has a lever to adjust the distance-closeness of the upper-lower blades, allowing to adjust the hair length when cutting from 0.1 – 3 mm. The left side is also where a lever is located to open the power of the trimmer.

Because it is a battery-powered trimmer, above the body, Kemei KM-1996 has a convenient % battery display. As far as I know, its battery is 2,000 mAh, it takes 1 and a half hours to fully charge and after being fully charged, it can be used for up to 3 and a half hours. I don’t care much about these numbers during use because I mainly charge them overnight.

When used, it can be cut continuously for 2-3 people without running out of battery midway. On the bottom edge of the trimmer is where the charging port is located, the included charging cord has a length of up to 2.3 meters, so in the case of cutting and running out of battery, you can both charge and use it. In addition, the bottom also has a hook so you can hang the trimmer somewhere for easy access when needed.

The underside of the trimmer is designed to hug the palm and fingers, making it more secure to hold while cutting. One downside in terms of design is that the junction between the top cover and the body of the trimmer is not done too well, so it’s a bit awkward to hold but not too stressful.

The engine equipped on Kemei KM-1996 has a maximum rpm of 7,000 rpm when operating. Practical use shows that it cuts quite sweetly, without any mushy or problems. At first, I forgot to put oil on my tongue so it was quite hot after operating for about 20 minutes, but then after the oil was applied, everything was solved, the part in contact with the skin was only a little warmer and completely tolerable. receive. kemei-1407 This oil bottle is included in the box when buying the trimmer, so you should also note this.

In addition to the charger, manual, cleaning brush, and trimmer, inside the box, there is also a set of 4 blades with parameters of 3, 6, 10, and 13mm respectively, enough to be able to cut 1 head. Pretty nice and neat. Actually, cutting hair is not too difficult, a friend of mine at the company spent about 30 hours watching haircut tutorials on Youtube and he was able to cut both himself and others at the company and received a lot of compliments.

ClientsNest cloud-based software solution for online marketers

Dear online marketers, digital marketers, and local consultants,

Be known that Closing a Customer is the CORE Tool of any digital marketer or digital agency out there! And I also know that you are always looking for ways to increase your closing rates.

There are tons of software out there these days that give you everything you need from video creation to video marketing, from SEO to Website Creation, and the list goes on and on.

However, there is nothing groundbreaking to help you sell this type of service to businesses that are in dire need of a HERO right now.

And the biggest problem with current top-of-funnel lead generation methods is that they are not designed to convert into long-term, high-value customers for digital marketing services.

However, using ClientsNest’s proprietary technology, you can create conversion-focused smart channels for any digital marketing service that will ultimately give you the breakthrough in sales. sell your services without a complicated sales process!

Curious yet? Let’s dive into my ClientsNest review now!

ClientsNest is a cloud-based software solution intended to assist online marketers, digital marketers, digital agencies, and local consultants selling any and all marketing services digital with the power of intelligent and highly converting funnels specifically designed to quadruple anyone’s customer close rate.

With exclusive funnels and conversion-focused forms, ClientsNest will help you engage customers like never before.

ClientsNest works in 3 Simple Steps that anyone can use to BOOST Client Close Rate for any digital service.
With this feature, as soon as your potential customers land on the ClientsNest channel, they’ll be guided with an interactive funnel through price estimates, all the way to closing them from a single page.
This feature lets you drag and drop your way to an advanced closing funnel that quickly attracts and converts your leads into paying customers.

You can also create multiple paths inside your channels that are activated based on customer feedback so you can close customers like a true offline ninja! videoglories

Maybe you’re outside of the US, no problem, as you can expose multiple currencies to your local digital services. No need to use a separate currency converter. Super convenient for both you and your customers.

Just from my user guide, you can see that this ClientsNest is very simple for you to use. ClientsNest works on both Mac and PC – all that is needed is to open an internet browser and log in to the cloud-based application. It will be easier to store your files on this cloud-based application than to keep folders in your cupboard. With this ClientsNest, you don’t need to have any prior experience or skills to get started.

Furthermore, you can easily upload your own logo and branding for the entire customer closure funnel to your liking or your requirements. ClientsNest is made to make you look like an authority in your local niche and supports full branding.

It is revealed that ClientsNest is also fully compatible with any website in the world. Be it a WordPress blog, a Clickfunnels-generated landing page, a Shopify store, or even a plain HTML page, ClientsNest works with all of them. In case, you plan to use ClientsNest on a physical freight store like a Shopify store then you will love the built-in Google Maps integration to calculate and display any shipping-related costs right away. on the form.

Victor TK30 badminton racket – Efficiency comes from head heaviness

Victor TK30 badminton racket is a product in Victor’s Thruster Series. Victor has been a racquet company that is no stranger to any badminton fan. And for those who follow the natural attack style, like unexpected but effective smashes, like to counter, and demand, then Victor TK30 is an option worth experiencing.

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Meeting the increasing needs of badminton players, Victor continuously releases new racquets with more features. And Thruster TK30 is one of them.

The racket is designed with a harmonious green / black paint color-coated with glossy paint that enhances the elegance and adds to the aesthetics of the player.

Victor TK30 Badminton Racket Specifications

  • Hardness: Medium
  • Racket frame: high modulus graphite + CSR
  • Shaft: high modulus graphite + 6.6 shaft
  • Weight: 3U, 4U
  • Size of handle: 3U G4, G 4U G5
  • Maximum tension: 9-12 kg
  • Color: Black/Green.

Technology applied to Victor TK30. badminton racket

PowerBox: Box-shaped design effectively increases stability and anti-torque, and can withstand high rope tension.

Seven Six76: The structure of the gene holes is produced in a single form, reducing the friction between the gene holes, which helps to increase the using time of the gene holes.

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 CSR: core-shell rubber is used to coat the epoxy resin to build resilience and protection. Core-shell rubber is added to the carbon fiber and foam material is used to fill the frame, which not only enhances the extensibility of the carbon fiber but also improves resilience. Foamex becomes much more compact during foaming and will have better shock absorption after foaming is complete.

Hard Cored Technology: Inspired by military helicopter’s multi-layer construction made of carbon fiber and composites, minimizing material size, enhancing handling feel and performance to a standard important.

NANO-TEC: Uniformly distributes nano-sized particles in the spaces between the carbon fiber bundles, which increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composites and reduces frame distortion.

SEVEN-SIX76: The structure of the gene holes is produced in a single form, reducing the friction between the gene holes, which helps to increase the using time of the gene holes.

Objects suitable for Victor TK30 badminton racket

Victor TK30 is suitable for people who have a natural ability to play, both like to hit the bridge unexpectedly, and to counterattack and suitable for people with average wrist strength, strong, semi-professional, professional players, good level.

Genuine Victor Columbia badminton racket – For powerful Smash balls

One of Victor’s professional badminton rackets that have just been released in late 2020 is the genuine Victor Columbia Badminton Racket – For Smashes of the Uy Luc Bridge.

The Victor Columbia racquet series is a Columbia Series signature racquet series similar to the Thruster K Series featuring the signature TRI-FORMATION technology that features different racket frame designs including – POWER-BOX, DIAMOND, AERO, and AERODYNAMIC are curated and integrated based on computer simulation to optimize shots, frame characteristics and overall racquet performance suitable for players with a strong attack-oriented style with high swings. powerful bridge.

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Genuine Victor Columbia badminton racket includes 2 versions 3U and 4U, a head heavy, medium-stiff body born for a strong attack style suitable for those of you who like to Smash the bridge to overwhelm your opponents. Especially in singles! And maybe you will be interested best badminton shoes for beginners.

The racquet is designed quite nicely with Head Oval Frame technology to help optimize the stability of the racket, minimize wind resistance to convert energy more easily after each swing. the player maximizes his swing 100%.

In addition, the racquet will surely make you very satisfied at first sight with the main Dark Yellow tone combined with Black textures for a strong modern look combined with more Matte paint. the rigidity and durability of the racket.

In short, if you want to choose a high-quality, delicious Victor’s Smash racket at the best price, then choose this Victor Columbia genuine badminton racket right away!

Technology applied to Victor Columbia’s good badminton racket

POWERBOX: The box-shaped design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque making the racquet able to withstand higher string tension.

Nano Tec: NANO TEC technology works by evenly distributing nano-sized particles in the spaces between the carbon fiber bundles, which increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composite and reduces frame distortion.

PROFILE: Technology produced by Victor in cooperation with the famous Japanese industrial corporation Mitsubishi. PROFIL makes the shaft thinner and the swing speed increases very quickly.

HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY: Inspired by military helicopters, the multi-layer construction is made of carbon fiber and composites, minimizing material dimensions, enhancing handling feel and performance to a standard. important.

OVAL HEAD: Optimized racquet stability in the reinvented Oval Head frame structure, which minimizes the effect of wind drag for easier energy conversion.

Objects suitable for professional badminton rackets Victor Columbia

Victor Columbia’s professional badminton racket is suitable for those who like to hit the shuttlecock and overwhelm the opponent. With the 4U version for those of you with medium-weak hand strength, the 3U version will only be for those with big hands, average level, good, good,…

Suitable for people with average wrist strength.

NANOFLARE 800 LT Review – Super product for mobile players

If you feel that the previous racquets are still heavy and do not provide optimal speed, then the NANOFLARE 800 LT is the answer. Today I will introduce to you the upcoming new racquet line NANOFLARE 800 LT – Super product for mobile players.

An upcoming new racquet from the renowned Yonex racquet, the NANOFLARE 800 LT is designed for advanced players looking for a racquet that offers quick maneuverability. NANOFLARE 800 LT is this product line that uses Razor Frame which has an ultra-thin shaft structure for the purpose of reducing air resistance more. In addition, the Sonic Flare System is also integrated with HM graphite at the top of the sturdy but highly elastic M40X racquet that produces high repulsion at impact.


After the launch of the NANOFLARE 800, users had a lot of feedback about the heavyweight of the racquet, so the NANOFLARE 800 LT was born with a size of 5U (78gr). Most of the time, light racquets often have the disadvantage that it is difficult to control the racquet, when playing the racquet is often unstable, players often use an additional vibration reduction net to help players control more stable and better control.

However, now that the NANOFLARE 800 LT is a great solution for players who have just overcome the disadvantages of lightweight racquets, the NANOFLARE 800 LT not only offers fast-hitting speed but also helps players control the ball. and control the racket better than ever.  See more: Yonex VOLTRIC 80 Review Racket That Creates Unstoppable Smashes

The connection point of the badminton racket NANOFLARE 800 LT

Sonic Flare System

The Sonic Flare System is meticulously combined with graphite at the top of the frame that is both durable and resilient to the M40X. In addition, the attached HM Graphite construction provides the racquet with maximum thrust and stability when hitting so that the player can have better control of the racquet.

Razor Frame

In order to reduce air resistance, the manufacturer has created a frame that is both strong and razor-thin. Compared to standard racquet frames, the Razor Frame reduces air resistance by 11.5% from all angles, so players can swing their racquets with more swing speed and send the shuttle faster.


Compared to the conventional round frame, the square ISOMETRIC frame provides similarity both vertically and horizontally, increasing the sweet spot by more than 7%. ISOMETRIC technology helps many players around the world achieve many famous achievements around the world.


Above is my review of the badminton racket NANOFLARE 800 LT. Hope you will have a lot of information related to this badminton racket. Good luck with your badminton career!

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5 Free English learning software for kids

Nowadays, besides the traditional methods for children to learn English such as going to an English center or having their children study with a tutor, parents can actively use English learning software for their children to learn at home. This is a very interesting method as well as a way that parents can participate in learning English with their children.

5 Free English learning software for kids

Kids Preschool Learning Game

This English learning software synthesizes more than 16 interesting games with lively sound effects. The application is designed with a lot of content suitable for children from 2-4 years old such as animals, human bodies. People, colors, fruits, avay… Kids Preschool Learning Game also uses many vivid images to help children recognize objects and animals in daily life.

English Flashcards

Flashcards are a familiar way of learning vocabulary for young learners of English. With this software, children will learn English with vivid images and pronunciation of native speakers. That will support the child as much as possible to develop listening and speaking skills and build a large vocabulary school. Vocabulary is divided into many diverse topics such as animals, colors, shapes, traffic signs, etc.

Chuchu TV Lite

Chuchu TV must have been too popular with parents and children with its rich variety of animated films. Chuchu TV Lite application was born with hundreds of colorful cartoons for toddlers (0-3 years old) and preschool children (3-5 years old). The app is beautifully designed, suitable for all ages, and has no ads. In particular, this application will not collect data of parents or mothers via mobile devices.

 ABC Kids

ABC Kids English software for preschool children from 3-6 years old. With games to find objects to recognize faces or write letters according to instructions, it helps to awaken children’s reflexes and listening and speaking skills. ABC Kids’ games are all related to the alphabet such as pairing sounds, combining words, f88, etc. Especially the application is easy to use, parents can access to join the teacher mode to teach their children to learn English.

English for Kids

English for kids supports children to learn English through games: Flashcards, Sentences Games, Word games, etc. With Flashcards, children can learn more vocabulary of many different topics: animals, clothes. (clothes), numbers, flowers, … As for Sentences games, children will practice arranging words into complete sentences, correcting mistakes in sentences to gradually form in children’s imaginations. What is a complete sentence? Whereas Word games are random word guessing games. For any given word, the child’s task is to give the correct answer. This is also a way to both test your vocabulary and increases your vocabulary.


Above is a summary of 5 free English learning software, each of which has its own advantages and limitations. Hopefully, these apps will help your child learn English better in a more interesting and engaging way.

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Are you familiar with the rules of badminton?

As with other sports, it is very important to follow the rules and regulations set forth when playing badminton. Corresponding to the two forms of play, the rules of singles badminton will have a few differences compared to the rules of double badminton.  If you are new to badminton, you should start learning from the rules of badminton singles to have an overview of this form of singles as well as this sport.  Remembering rules and regulations is never easy. However, with this article, I will provide you with simple information that will make it easier for you to remember the rules of badminton singles.

Dimensions of the singles badminton court

According to Badminton World Federation (BWF) regulations, the singles badminton court has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 13.4 meters.
  • Width: 5.18 meters.
  • Diagonal length: 14.3 meters.

Besides the court size, the Badminton Code also contains other regulations regarding the lines and nets in the court, including:

  • Boundaries and lines should be easy to see and distinguish, preferably painted in white or yellow. These lines have a specified thickness of 40 mm.
  • The net post must be 1.55 meters high from the floor and ensure it does not move when playing. Regardless of whether it is a doubles or singles court, the net post is always placed on the outermost line of the doubles court.
    The net must be 760 mm wide and at least 6.1 meters long. The upper part of the mesh is bordered with 75 mm thick white tape. The regulation height of the net is 1.55 meters at the side of the doubles court and 1,524 meters at the center.  See more posts: what are the dimensions of a badminton court

Regulations on the scope of serving and receiving services

The range of service and receive in singles is limited by the centerline, the short service line, the inner sideline, and the long service line (also the end goal line).  A part of the yard will have 2 areas left and right. The serving position will be determined based on the server’s available points. From the standing position of the server, we can determine the corresponding standing position of the receiver. The receiver must stand in an area diagonally opposite the server.  If the server has not scored or has an even score, he or she will serve in the right service area. At that time, the receiver will also stand in the right area on his field.  If the server’s score is odd, he or she will serve in the left service area. Correspondingly, the receiver will also stand in the left area of ​​his field.

How to start a badminton match

Before the match begins, the referee will conduct a coin toss to determine the position of the two players on the court as well as the first serving side. The person who chooses the correct coin face will have the right to decide:

Which side will serve first?

The field part of the first game. The losing side will receive the remaining selections. System and scoring in badminton singles rules. A match will be played in a 3 win 2 format unless otherwise arranged. The side that scores 21 points first wins that game, with exceptions such as a 20-20 or 29-29 tie (to be specified separately).

The side that wins a shuttle will add 1 point to its total. A side will win a point during the shuttle phase when the shuttlecock touches the ground because their opponent is unable to return or when their opponent commits a foul during play.

In case the score of the game is 20-20, the side that scores 2 points first wins that game.

If the game score is 29-29, the side that scores the 30th point first wins.

As a rule, the winner of the previous game will be the one to start serving in the next game. Regulations on changing pitches, Two players will switch courses at the following times:

After finishing the first game

After finishing the second game with a draw, the two players are required to play the third game. In the 3rd game, when either side scored 11 points.  If the change of pitch is not done at the above times, the two sides need to change the pitch as soon as this incident is detected. However, the change, of course, needs to be made when the bridge is no longer in play. The score is still the same.


Badminton is a popular sport in many countries. Through this article, I hope you have a good understanding of the rules of badminton and love this sport more. Wish you success with badminton, see you in the next articles.!

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What to do to start making money with affiliate marketing

If you have read the article What is Affiliate Marketing, you also understand what Affiliate Marketing is. In essence, Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting products and services for businesses to receive commissions. This article will help you to know what you need to do to start making money with affiliate marketing so you can easily make money with affiliate marketing.

If you already have knowledge about affiliate marketing or online marketing, making money with affiliate marketing is not difficult. It’s okay if you don’t have the initial foundation, as long as you work hard to learn the skills of affiliate marketing and online marketing, you can completely succeed on the road to making money online.

Below, I will guide you through each step of affiliate marketing. To participate in making money with affiliate marketing you need to prepare the following issues.

Identify the products, services, and markets you’re marketing to

Before you start making money with Affiliate Marketing, you need to determine what your goal is to sell products and services. You can choose products such as home appliances, technology products, digital products, tours, etc. And make sure you choose the best products to promote because you should remember that possible you get thousands of clicks on the referral link but the conversion rate will be very low if you choose the wrong target product.

In addition, you also need to choose the right marketing platform to be able to create marketing links for the product you choose. You can choose marketing networks like CJ, Amazon, ClickBank, etc., which are reputable and quality marketing networks.

Building a channel to promote products and services

Once you’ve identified the product to market, you need to have channels to bring the product to market. You can promote marketing products on many different channels such as blogs, websites, Facebook, Google, forums, etc. But to build credibility and maintain long-term income, you should have your own blog. And on the blog, you often post content around product-related issues such as product manuals, product reviews, etc.

Build compelling content and rank well

Building engaging content is not only good for SEO, but it also greatly influences the purchase decision of readers. You need to write content for the blog from tutorials, reviews to product articles so that it is “mindful” so that readers can quickly make a purchasing decision. Not only that, if your blog has quality content, your blog will also become more reputable with readers.

Having engaging content on the blog is important and more importantly, it must reach the users. That’s why you need to push your articles higher on the top of the search. Optimizing for SEO helps your blog to rank high on search engines and this is also a source of natural and completely free traffic for your blog.


Above are the issues I want to give you for reference before participating in affiliate marketing. You need to have the best orientation to avoid mistakes in affiliate marketing because many of you who do not succeed at first are very easily discouraged and give up. Good luck!

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The meaning of giving gifts to loved ones and instructions on how to give gifts

Gifts are not only a means of conveying feelings but also an art of communication. A gift to whom? What gift to give? What is your attitude when giving gifts? All need to be sincere, skillful and show the sophistication of the giver.

When was the gift-giving culture born?

Don’t know when the history of gift-giving was born? Only one thing is for sure, today, the meaning of giving gifts to each other is very popular in all walks of life and those gifts, no matter how big or small, whether big or small, bring joy to the giver both recipients. On any holiday, we can give our relatives and friends meaningful gifts of love.

It dates back to 1843 when Henry Cole, a wealthy English merchant, asked Horsley, a painter in London, to design a beautiful card to give to friends. Immediately, Christmas cards quickly exploded and became fashionable in the UK. Not long after, it was spread to many countries around the world. Christmas gifts expressing people’s love for family and friends are also fast becoming a trend. For some people, Christmas gifts have a deep religious meaning. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, a gift that God has given to man.

When Jesus was born crying in Bethlehem in a manger, three Eastern kings came to pay their respects. They brought three precious gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold represents Jesus as king, frankincense represents Jesus as God and myrrh represents the image of Jesus being crucified or more specifically, Jesus’ death to save him. spare humanity.

The three kings were very rich, but the poor people with almost no possessions brought whatever they could to pay their respects to the Child Jesus. The shepherds gave Jesus fruit and small toys of their own making. Although not many, such gifts convey the meaning of worship and respect for Jesus.

During Christmas, Santa Claus often rides his reindeer in the sky, goes to the house with the Christmas tree and climbs the chimney to bring gifts to the sleeping children, and often leaves the presents in the Christmas tree. all.

Meaning of gift-giving

Each gift has a different meaning. There are gifts that are purely spiritual. There are gifts that make us happy, there are gifts that warm our hearts… There are gifts that only make us notice for a moment, but there are also gifts we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Today’s gifts are no longer simply a gift of affection, besides, they carry more meaningful nuances and play an increasingly important role. For example: help build strong relationships between business partners, help businesses appreciate and retain loyal customers, help colleagues and employees show respect to each other and to higher levels. …
When giving a gift to someone, the material value of the gift is not as meaningful as the fact that you have thought of the person being given it and want to show enthusiastic interest to that person. A saying that we need to remember is: “Gifts are not as important as giving”.

And once we do that, the person receiving the gift always feels more respected and happier, even we ourselves feel so happy when we have done something to bring a smile to the recipient. gift.

Today’s gift-giving style

Christmas is also an opportunity for young people to have the opportunity to send each other gifts, fresh flower bouquets, and good wishes to relatives and friends. Those gifts are meant to bring people together, for them to be closer, understand each other better, and feel warmer during the cold Christmas season.

In the first gift-giving, you should not be too picky, the important thing is that the gift is warmly received.
Giving gifts to relatives in your family is quite easy because it takes a lot of time to understand psychology and preferences. For friends and colleagues, it is a little more difficult because the opportunity to understand their interests is not much. If you choose a gift that is too simple, less meaningful, not suitable for the situation, it is very likely that the recipient will misunderstand that you do not respect them.

On birthdays, holidays, anniversaries…, before giving a unique gift, you should learn taboo customs. Therefore, before giving, you must find out the identity, preferences, and ethnic customs of the recipient, in order to avoid misunderstandings when giving gifts.


Gifts are sentimental sentiments. Any gift signifies the giver’s own meaning, either a word of thanks, a blessing or filial piety, or love. So don’t miss any chance to give gifts to all your friends!

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How to avoid getting K.O in fighting

Defensive boxing strategies to keep you from falling or getting knocked down!

Yes, there are indeed strategies to keep you from getting knocked down! And it’s not just the usual advice like holding hands, doing neck exercises or moving your head throughout the day.

We’ll take a look at the most common knockout punches, the angles to look for, and the timing of the most cautious punches.

Follow these simple steps and I promise you not only a chance to level up, but also renewed confidence in knowing how to avoid knockout punches.

WILL be knocked down

I won’t lie. It sucks to be knocked down! You can feel it. I’ve never really been knocked down even still, I’m so scared it will happen to me. To be honest, I think the fear of being knocked down is probably worse than the actual being knocked down.

In fact, the fear of being knocked down will change your style. It will definitely affect you as a boxer, especially if it has happened before. Part of me wonders if that fear will help you or hurt you in the ring. Part of me wonders if that fear might make you more vulnerable.

And for those who HAVE been knocked out… that’s a number of things. Sometimes it’s physical pain, but it can also be psychological pain. Shame and shame. Perhaps the opponent talks a lot of rubbish. Or maybe you get knocked out in front of all your friends and girlfriend/boyfriend… ARGHHH!!! THANKS !!!!

Appropriate level of caution

I believe your opponent’s punches are due diligence. The first step is to respect your opponent and hold yourself defensively accountable. The second step is learning how to see impending knockout punches, how to swim with them, even get comfortable with them. And the last step, is to use them to your advantage!… Fight off your opponent’s knockdown punches so you can take them down!

Steps to overcome the fear of being knocked down:
Respect your opponent

Keep your defense

Buying boxing gloves for heavy bag training is a good method to practice the most accurate punches.

Detect knockout punches

Be comfortable with them

Fight them!

COMMON direct punches (angle and time)

Now I know there are a lot of knockout punches out there but I really just wanted to mention the most popular ones. I will not include any aerial knockout or jab knockout, or any other circus content.

1. RIGHT-CROSS over the jab
This is one of the most basic counterattacks and still causes many knock-outs to this day. It’s super simple and works at all levels of boxing (amateur and pro) and at all points of the fight (early half, mid half, late round).

A boxer throws a javelin. The other threw a large right hand through the stab. BOOM… knockout.

In case you need to clarify: the counter’s right hand is thrown at the same time as the stab (or maybe a little earlier when the stab is barely lasting), not AFTER! Also, the counter puncher’s head is slipping INSIDE the stab while landing on the right side of his big counter. This is not the same as having a jet club slide to the OUTSIDE of the stab and then bounce off the stab.

Access is even more even when the jabber actually steps into his jab.

2 Blind blows

A blind shot to me is simply a hit you don’t see. This is especially common in the early game when you haven’t warmed up and haven’t found your rhythm yet. You get hooked on the right or left hand and you go down. Or it could be a sudden top to bottom cut that you don’t see.

As the saying goes, “the things you don’t see are the things that hurt the most”. It is also useful when the exceptional puncher is fast and strong and the person being punched is timid, completely cold and does not heat up. I’ve also noticed that even boxers who raise their hands can get a “blind hit”. If anything, I feel them raising their hands might make them too comfortable and not cautious enough to watch out for sneaky footage around their guard.

Another way you can go blind is if you get too nervous trying to throw punches without feeling what punch your opponent is throwing.

Tired photo

This is just like a “blind hit” but it also happens in the later rounds after a fighter is so tired that even a half-power punch can take him by surprise and knock him down. I feel like scenes like this are more common on the days when boxers compete 15 rounds or even longer.

However, it still happens. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some tired guy is walking around and relaxing and then a quick right or left hand hooks in and he goes straight to sleep.

MAIN REASON The fighter plane was downed

It almost always leaves boxers not knowing what to look for, constantly putting their head/body in vulnerable positions, becoming reckless or tired. Any one of these or a combination of them are usually the ones that lead to their disqualification.

Some old Tips : 

Don’t follow a puncher.
Don’t throw lazy things.
Don’t trade with an awl.
Don’t hook up with a pickpocket.
Round out of his strong hand.
Roll with punches.
If you can train smart, fight smart, and resist the urge to make risky decisions, you’ll be fine!

reheat fried fish in air fryer

Useful Tips To Reheat Fried Fish In Air Fryer For Busy Homemakers

Recently, the air fryer is one of the favorite kitchen appliances of many homemakers. It brings you convenience, a quick-cooking process, and most of all, health benefits.

The question many people are concerned about is whether they can reheat fried fish in air fryer? If you have the same issue, this article will be helpful for you.
Let’s see more about The Topic of Air Fryer Here

Can You Use The Air Fryer To Reheat Fish?

The foods from the previous night are quite enormous, and you don’t want to throw them away? Then, you should store them in the most suitable conditions for each type of foodstuff and recook them for the next meal.

In general, there are various techniques to reheat foods. The most traditionally common ways people often apply are using a pan, microwave, rice cooker, or oven.

Air fryers appeared lately, so many people wonder whether they can reheat food such as pizza, rotisserie chicken, or fried fish?

Fortunately, if you own an air fryer, you can absolutely use it to warm food from the previous day. The process of heating food, particularly fried fish, is not time-consuming, while the original flavor and the texture of the fish are still completely preserved and delicious for you to enjoy.

reheat fried fish in air fryer

Reheat fried fish in the air fryer

Without saying much more, here we will recommend the most efficient way to warm your favorite foods so that it is as crispy and delicious as possible.

Tips To Reheat Fried Fish In Air Fryer

1.Quick Method

Before embarking on the tutorial as advisable. You must adjust the recipe. Temperature, and time to best suit your fish depending on the fish type. Here is the most common way you can use to rewarm most types of fried fish. Let’s scroll down!

First of all, when it comes to storing the fried fish of the previous repast. You should store them in an airtight container and put them in the refrigerator compartment.

This old fried fish can only be used the next day. If it is overdue, the nutrients will turn into substances that are harmful to your body, and their taste is no longer attractive. So the day after, what exactly are you going to do with these old pieces of fried fish? Here we go!

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2.Step to Reheat

#Step 1: Take the fish out of the refrigerator. Let them naturally free of accumulated ice at room temperature and cool completely. If you defrost them by submerging them in water, It will change for the texture of the dish, nutrients, and the fish will be soggy.

#Step 2: Next, put the leftover fried fish in the basket. Note that the parts of fish should be placed at a reasonable distance so that all pieces are heated and crispy in a short time.

#Step 3: Then, use a spray bottle to sprinkle a layer of extra virgin olive oil on the surface of the dish. With this tip, your fish won’t dry out and will not be too fatty or greasy. On the contrary, it will help the fish to be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

#Step 4: Customize the temperature and time to suit the quantity and thickness of fillets. Typically, you will cook on average heat for about 4 to 5 minutes at 160 ͦ C/320 ͦ F.

#Step 5: After the first cooking is over, turn the undersides of the fish fillets up and adjust the reheat temperature for about 2 minutes at 180 ͦ C/360 ͦ F.

When the device beeps, the heating process is complete, and you can enjoy it right away.


Why Should You Reheat Fried Fish In Air Fryers Instead Of Pans Or Microwaves?

The air fryer will make your fish almost as delicious as the first time you tasted it. They work similarly to convection ovens by flowing heated air encompassing all surfaces of the fish. This benefits the food reheat evenly, so you will get tasty crunches, even when they are just reheated leftovers.

As you don’t need to use any extra oils, your meal will be less greasy and much healthier.

How Long Should You Reheat Fried Fish In an Air Fryer?

To heat up fried fish in an air fryer, you need to flip it so that both sides of the food are golden brown and crispy. Hence, you had better set the time and temperature twice.

For the first time, you should set the cooking time to about 4 to 5 minutes. For the second time, you adjust the time within about 2 minutes. Take note!

What Should You Keep In Mind While Reheating Fried Fish In an Air Fryer?

This sounds like a simple way to do it, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you need to cool the fish completely before reheating. This preserves the nutritional value of the food.

Secondly, before setting the temperature and cooking time, you need to spray a layer of extra virgin olive oil. Otherwise, your dish will not be crispy and delicious.

Last but not least, what we want to mention here is to flip the fish after the first reheating is completed. Some people are so lazy to turn the other side of the fillets because they suppose the oven will cook them evenly. However, the reality is not like that. The side that’s not turned over will stick to the basket or get soggy, and your leftover fried fish won’t be perfectly crispy.

In Bottom Line

We have already shown you the most common way to reheat fried fish in air fryer. With this recipe and method, we are sure that your leftover fried fish fillets will taste almost exactly like the original.

Remember that you don’t need to spend too much time making it, as it only takes you about 7 to 8 minutes. And using an oil-free fryer will make the nutritional value of your dishes preserved and guaranteed.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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Suggestions For 5 Meaningful Birthday Gifts For Girlfriends

Birthday is a very important occasion for you to give meaningful gifts to the people you love. If you are a male friend and still do not know what gift to choose for your lover, let’s explore 5 meaningful birthday gifts to give your girlfriend in this article!

Suggestions For 5 Meaningful Birthday Gifts For Girlfriends

Double utensil

If you want to show your love to your female friends, you should choose to give them items that you can both use together. For example, a couple of shirts, a pair of watches or a pair of sneakers, … The girls will love it when you can wear it with her on outings together.

Fashion clothes

As a girl, everyone has a great passion for clothes. Although you see they have a lot of fashion items in their closet, it is never enough. Their catchphrase is always “I don’t have anything to wear”.

Therefore, if you do not know what to give your lover, clothes are the most reasonable choice. However, before giving gifts, you should pay attention to your girlfriend’s fashion style to make the gift more meaningful and show your interest in her!


Jewelry is one of the gifts girls always want to be given to her by the boy she loves on her birthday. The gift not only shows your heart for her but also shows your sophistication and ingenuity. So, for your lover’s upcoming birthday, don’t forget to choose a piece of jewelry right away!

Cute accessories

If your lover is a gentle and lovely person, why don’t you choose for her cute accessories such as hair bands, hair clips, combs, mirrors,… You can prepare a box of Beautiful gifts and filled with these cute accessories and colored foam. No girl can refuse such a meaningful and unexpected gift.

Fashion watches

You are looking for a gift that she can take with her wherever she goes. And just looking at them, she will think of you more immediately. Then the watch is a meaningful and valuable gift that you can give her on her birthday. In addition, watches meantime management and cherishing time together.


Hopefully through this article you have found yourself a meaningful birthday gift and received a lot of joy, good luck. See you in the next posts!

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Table tennis


If your home has a bit of comfortable space, table tennis is a great game to connect family members because it allows up to 4 players to play. The gameplay is simple, but it’s great to exercise strength, the flexibility of limbs, and enhance judgment. Immediately choose a suitable ping pong table and necessary equipment then play with the kids.



Are you a football lover? Do you like the frenzy?

Foosball is a great game to liven up the family atmosphere. Your home just needs a small space of about 10 m2 is enough for 4 players. This is a game that reflexes as well as hand-eye coordination. You can score at any position on the table even the goalkeeper with just a shake of the wrist.



This is a great brain game for you and your kids. It helps train the mind to calculate, judge, and handle situations. You can play anywhere in the house with a compact chessboard. Having good control of the game on the chessboard will help you a lot in controlling your life.

Air Hockey


Like foosball, Air Hockey just needs a small space for 2 to 4 players. The game is extremely simple to train reflexes and speed. You have to calculate the path of the air hockey pucks to get into the hole by controlling the striker with the right amount of push’s power



This is a game that requires a lot of skill to achieve a high score. You will have to practice a lot to get accurate throws to the center of the dartboard. This game can have many players in a scoring circle. This is a very fun game to help family or a group of friends relax.

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Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world

When it comes to badminton, we are known as the fastest racquet sport in the world with ball speeds that can go up to 200 miles per hour.

To play this sport, players need to have a strong physique combined with muscle strength and a certain technical background. When playing badminton you can help players grow in height and it also helps to lose weight easily.

Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world

Badminton in the past is often called shuttlecock, later renamed and called with today’s name. The badminton ball is made of 16 goose feathers, with a mass of about 4.7 – 5.5 grams. To play badminton, players need a racket, a badminton racket with a weight of about 70 – 95 grams excluding the strip or handle in it.

In the world, bridge is the second most popular sport after football. Bath Badminton Club was founded in 1877 as the first official Badminton club. During the 1992 Olympics, Badminton was first played as a sport.

The world’s largest sphere is 18 feet tall and weighs about 2500 kg, sits on the lawn of the Kansas City Museum and is 48 times larger than a normal sphere. Nearly 70% of Badminton World Federation events are won by Indonesia and China.

The shortest badminton match ever recorded was 6 minutes and the longest match held was around 124 minutes.

Badminton can be played as singles, doubles and mixed doubles. This is the favorite sport of many people, if you are passionate about badminton, choose a badminton racket and start practicing with it.

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