NANOFLARE 800 LT Review – Super product for mobile players

If you feel that the previous racquets are still heavy and do not provide optimal speed, then the NANOFLARE 800 LT is the answer. Today I will introduce to you the upcoming new racquet line NANOFLARE 800 LT – Super product for mobile players.

An upcoming new racquet from the renowned Yonex racquet, the NANOFLARE 800 LT is designed for advanced players looking for a racquet that offers quick maneuverability. NANOFLARE 800 LT is this product line that uses Razor Frame which has an ultra-thin shaft structure for the purpose of reducing air resistance more. In addition, the Sonic Flare System is also integrated with HM graphite at the top of the sturdy but highly elastic M40X racquet that produces high repulsion at impact.


After the launch of the NANOFLARE 800, users had a lot of feedback about the heavyweight of the racquet, so the NANOFLARE 800 LT was born with a size of 5U (78gr). Most of the time, light racquets often have the disadvantage that it is difficult to control the racquet, when playing the racquet is often unstable, players often use an additional vibration reduction net to help players control more stable and better control.

However, now that the NANOFLARE 800 LT is a great solution for players who have just overcome the disadvantages of lightweight racquets, the NANOFLARE 800 LT not only offers fast-hitting speed but also helps players control the ball. and control the racket better than ever.  See more: Yonex VOLTRIC 80 Review Racket That Creates Unstoppable Smashes

The connection point of the badminton racket NANOFLARE 800 LT

Sonic Flare System

The Sonic Flare System is meticulously combined with graphite at the top of the frame that is both durable and resilient to the M40X. In addition, the attached HM Graphite construction provides the racquet with maximum thrust and stability when hitting so that the player can have better control of the racquet.

Razor Frame

In order to reduce air resistance, the manufacturer has created a frame that is both strong and razor-thin. Compared to standard racquet frames, the Razor Frame reduces air resistance by 11.5% from all angles, so players can swing their racquets with more swing speed and send the shuttle faster.


Compared to the conventional round frame, the square ISOMETRIC frame provides similarity both vertically and horizontally, increasing the sweet spot by more than 7%. ISOMETRIC technology helps many players around the world achieve many famous achievements around the world.


Above is my review of the badminton racket NANOFLARE 800 LT. Hope you will have a lot of information related to this badminton racket. Good luck with your badminton career!

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5 Free English learning software for kids

Nowadays, besides the traditional methods for children to learn English such as going to an English center or having their children study with a tutor, parents can actively use English learning software for their children to learn at home. This is a very interesting method as well as a way that parents can participate in learning English with their children.

5 Free English learning software for kids

Kids Preschool Learning Game

This English learning software synthesizes more than 16 interesting games with lively sound effects. The application is designed with a lot of content suitable for children from 2-4 years old such as animals, human bodies. People, colors, fruits, avay… Kids Preschool Learning Game also uses many vivid images to help children recognize objects and animals in daily life.

English Flashcards

Flashcards are a familiar way of learning vocabulary for young learners of English. With this software, children will learn English with vivid images and pronunciation of native speakers. That will support the child as much as possible to develop listening and speaking skills and build a large vocabulary school. Vocabulary is divided into many diverse topics such as animals, colors, shapes, traffic signs, etc.

Chuchu TV Lite

Chuchu TV must have been too popular with parents and children with its rich variety of animated films. Chuchu TV Lite application was born with hundreds of colorful cartoons for toddlers (0-3 years old) and preschool children (3-5 years old). The app is beautifully designed, suitable for all ages, and has no ads. In particular, this application will not collect data of parents or mothers via mobile devices.

 ABC Kids

ABC Kids English software for preschool children from 3-6 years old. With games to find objects to recognize faces or write letters according to instructions, it helps to awaken children’s reflexes and listening and speaking skills. ABC Kids’ games are all related to the alphabet such as pairing sounds, combining words, f88, etc. Especially the application is easy to use, parents can access to join the teacher mode to teach their children to learn English.

English for Kids

English for kids supports children to learn English through games: Flashcards, Sentences Games, Word games, etc. With Flashcards, children can learn more vocabulary of many different topics: animals, clothes. (clothes), numbers, flowers, … As for Sentences games, children will practice arranging words into complete sentences, correcting mistakes in sentences to gradually form in children’s imaginations. What is a complete sentence? Whereas Word games are random word guessing games. For any given word, the child’s task is to give the correct answer. This is also a way to both test your vocabulary and increases your vocabulary.


Above is a summary of 5 free English learning software, each of which has its own advantages and limitations. Hopefully, these apps will help your child learn English better in a more interesting and engaging way.

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